Tuesday, March 28, 2017


 Recent lunches lately: tuna salad sandwich this past Friday for Lent
 Saturday, DS and I got hot grinders from a local Italian restaurant, to go. We each take turns paying every other time. I had funds left, no qualms picking up the tab. Sunday? I can't remember what I had, assume leftovers of some sort. Monday found me eating a leftover hotdog and some l/o beans alongside. Tues (today) I had more of my vegetable beef soup. Rainy, cold, raw day-perfect.
 As I often do after cooking a large meat meal, on Sunday, I put the stripped carcass and all pan drippings into the crock pot, eeking out free bone broth. The contents were strained once again, more meat stripped off.
DD caught her boss's nasty cold, and wanted some soup. Due to her dietary restrictions, she couldn't have the beef-vegetable soup, so I made her 2 servings worth of turkey-rice, culling some l/o rice out of the freezer. I still have 1/2 of the bone broth left, as one can see the Jello like substance in the pot to the right.

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