Wednesday, March 8, 2017


 Sunday lunch was leftover "taco bake" for me and DS #2, DD was at work

Monday: I had leftover, canned chowder, some crackers, a salad.

 On Tuesday, I just couldn't warm up. The thermostat read 67-8 in the home, the dampness just permeated me. I had already been wearing a thermal, waffle weave top, but threw on a mock T neck fleece. I was still cold.  I had some canned mac and bean soup, leftover "fancy" crackers from the holidays (yes, this IS a pantry clean out in action!), several cups of hot tea with lemon!
Seems that we have too many leftovers, so I selected some items that I wanted to be used up: I had the pizza and some salad; DS had some regular pasta with cacciatore sauce and a side of carrots/B sprouts, DD had her GF pasta with aforementioned caciatore sauce, salad.

Today's soup bowl: the last can of clam chowder, some l/o fancy crackers now decanted into a yellow Tupprware tub.

Recycling continues to build. Next trash/recycle day is Friday.


Busy Bee said...

I love how creative we can be when we make up our minds to be. I love a good pantry challenge.
Today I made a Sam's Club list and had literally no food items on there. They had a couple of cleaning items I regularly use that are on sale. I picked those up for a "future" investment. It felt good to make a mental list and say we were good on things.

I also ran to CVS, but again no food items -- just essentials (prescriptions, hair dye, vitamins (B1G1)).

Our trash and recycling day is tomorrow and I've filled both cans to the brim. That lets me know my decluttering and pairing down is working.

American Dreamer said...

Your leftover taco bake looks so delicious! Do you have a recipe for it?

American Dreamer said...

Never mind on the recipe. I found it. Thanks so much!