Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Real estate: home inspection


Yesterday found me making a lot of calls, including setting up a complete home inspection next week. I have to accomplish this within 10 days of a signed contract. There will be a crew of 5, each with their own subspecialty, combing over the home. Costs about 3 times what I paid for one man to do this 27 years ago, when purchasing my marital home. I like the sounds of having many eyes on the home vs just one, and that each has unique expertise. I'd much rather pay $1000, and know what if any issues exist, than be blindsided and make a very costly mistake. These type of additional costs, outside of my downpayment, have been factored in, allotting myself an additional $10,000 for real estate attorney, inspection, bank fees, etc.

My inspection will cover: structure, exterior, roof, plumbing, electrical, heat and hvac, insulation and ventillation, interior, radon in air and water, well flow rate and erovery, water potability, septic, lead in paint, mold, pests.


meme said...

Fingers crossed the inspection goes VERY well!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Hope the inspection turns up nothing unexpected!