Monday, March 27, 2017

Follow up with the Allergist, and getting meds

At my annual Allergist check up this past June, it was decided that I would once again do allergy tests, and subsequently was put back on weekly allergy shots. The allergy serums are very expensive and were intentionally filled last August, at the end of last year's plan year, as our deductible had been met. Well over $1000 just for the serums. I refilled my rescue asthma inhaler, as well as my 2 in one nasal allergy formulation. I started receiving the allergy shots in the Fall, and am about to hit maintenance level, which means dropping down to once a month for a shot.I am to return to the MD in one year, moving my annual appointment to March instead of June. Fine.

This morning's follow up visit went well, and the MD was to call in 2 nasal sprays for me (generics) as my insurance company will no longer cover the 2 in one formulation. I had previously used 2 sprays, gradually switching over to generics with no issues and ultimately this 2 in one, once it hit the market, only ever choosing it over the 2 separate sprays, if it was cheaper or free, as in this case. The MD did give me 2 sample packs of the 2 in one as a freebie. With no deductible left, the 2 90 day RX's will be mail ordered to me at no cost. This would be the March refill. I will do this again in May, then finally in July, getting a stock pile of maintenance meds on hand while I still have my current insurance and remain in paid up deductible status.

I realized when I got home, that I never asked about a refill for my rescue asthma inhaler. Once again, my ins will no longer cover the brand that I have used for years. I used the on line drug cost estimator but it seemed off. I called the ins company to confirm that they will cover the 2 generic sprays (which they will, and the RXs already called in for the 2 separate sprays are already processing), as well as to figure out which inhaler they will cover. It's a $50-$90 cost otherwise. They will fill a substitute brand that I have used before, so I messaged the MD on the patient portal, asking that he submit a RX as well to the mail order company for my inhaler.

Additionally, I asked about my allergy serums, the current ones were made in Aug 2016. If new serums need to be made (due to refills or age), I asked that they do so before Aug 30th, when my current ins will expire. He has been great about working around ins companies. I await a reply.

It's important for me to stay on top of these concerns, due to the unknown with insurance coverage come September. I continue to have multiple MD and lab appointments as I get it all done before that looming deadline. A necessary evil.

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