Friday, March 10, 2017

Finally went to the grocery store

 We've been running out of some essentials, so I went with DD to the store yesterday, capitalizing on some deals as well: Produce: tomaotes, head of Romaine, celery, 2 heads of cabbage *(upper cheap this time of year with St Pat's approaching), and a bag of red bliss potatoes not pictured.
Yes, we are doing a pantry and freezer challenge but I got these deals: organic beans were free after sale plus coupon, the 2 cans of soup were "reasonable" after sale plus coupon-something for DD to try as the ingredients are Ok for her. We also got a small pouch of almond butter (another freebie), 4 29 oz cans of diced tomatoes with onion/garlic and herbs (a quick pasta sauce at the ready) @ $1/can, 4 boxes Barilla pasts @ 54/box after sale plus cpn, large bottle of Ken's honey mustard dressing/sauce @$2.19, 1 Arnold oat bread @ $1.39, several pkgs of marked down meat-see next post, 1 qt vanilla yogurt, 1 gallon milk, 1/2 gallon lactose free milk, 1 pkg sliced Munster @$1.49, 18 ct eggs @ 88 cents, 1 corned beef @ $1.88/lb (the singular must buy menu item this month).  I spent $66.20.

Total on groceries in March: $84.49.

Bought gas this week: $13.37

Paid a co-pay after my insurance claim was processsed, but used HSA funds to do so, leaving my bank accounts alone.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Man, I didn't see corned beef anywhere for less than $3.99 a lb. I got a small one--husband isn't too crazy about it anyhow so I only make it once a year, and the fewer leftovers, the happier he is. I like it but I'm on low sodium too, so once in a great while I'll order a Reuben if I'm eating in a restaurant. I got brisket--round was the same price.