Monday, March 27, 2017

Final March groceries, some for April

 Sunday morning found me over at Shoprite for some needed ingredients to get me through: whipping cream for Sunday's dessert, buttermilk, eggs (sale plus cpn=99/doz), butter @ $1.99 w/ cpn
 I actually bought 4 bags of flour, I was almost out, it is on sale @ $1.49/bag. I checked Dollar Tree the other day, they are sold out of the 5 lb bags I found there around Christmas.
 I chanced upon some reduced ground beef and pork. Nice. Meatloaf is on the menu for this week already.
Berries for Sunday supper's dessert. pineapple $1.99 w/ store coupon, just a few bananas to top what little cold cereal remains.  I also got a 14 lb box (separate tally from groceries) for sliding cat litter. It's twice the cost of the usual stuff but there is a full refund on it, so we'll try it.


Linda said...

I rarely have buttermilk when I need it, so I make my own. I use a little less than the required amount of buttermilk, but use milk and put vinegar or lemon juice in it. Let it sit a minute and it works well. Plus, I found powdered buttermilk in the powdered milk area to use. I know you bake a lot, but these two methods might be cheaper or easier.

CTMOM said...

Linda, I once bought powdered buttermilk, it is much more expensive than fluid buttermilk. I used it up, wasn't happy with it. I know about souring milk, yogurt is also a good substitute. I bought this buttermilk intentionally for some cornbread this week, as well as pancakes next. It wasn't all that expensive.

Belinda said...

Nice to find meat markdowns. :)

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I freeze my buttermilk so it keeps between uses. Works well for me.