Friday, March 24, 2017

Dinner for one

Thursday night is YOYO night, and in yesterday's case, dinner for one as DD was working late. I prepared a chef's salad as best I could:

-the rest of a head of Romaine
-some organic, baby salad greens
-the rest of an open tomato
-some Spanish green olives
-a dill pickle spear that I sliced up
-some Cheddar off of an open block, that I cubed
-the rest of a carrot, that I then grated
-the rest of the marinated, baked BSCB that I have been serving DS all week as a sandwich filling. Just the thinner pieces that are hard to cut from were left. With the next day being a Lenten Friday, I wanted to yse this up

I topped it with some bottled Honey mustard dressing. It hit the spot, certainly far too much salt (Shh! don't tell my MD) but I had 24 oz of water with my supper.

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Belinda said...

Looks delicious. :)