Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crock Pot Wednesday: meatloaf

 Beef-turkey meatlaof was "baked" all day in my oval crock pot as I tended to appointments.
 Planned ahead sides: fzn peas and fzn creamed onions were combined along with some butter, extra black pepper to create a veggie side.
L/o mashed potatoes, mashed Butternut squash, french green beans (all OK with DD) will be served as well, along with l/o beets just for DS #2 and I.

Clearing out the leftovers, eating down the freezer as well.  Meatloaf will also make it's way into sandwiches as I am not really buying cold cuts although I recently bought a 95 cents pkg of Aldi's bologna to change things up a bit for DS #2.


Meg B. said...

Wednesday finds us, as usual, having spaghetti. Looks like it will only be for DD and me, as DH and the boys were out and about today, after the school's half day, and ate Mexican food to celebrate. DD didn't make it to school, as she is fighting tonsillitis that just won't release its hold on her. The leftover spaghetti will probably find its way into a baked pasta dish Saturday evening.
The weather is gray and wet, so to cheer myself up, I made a copycat Starbucks lemon loaf with a $0.50 white cake mix, The loaves look pretty and smell great. I hope they taste well. The texture just isn't as dense as I would have expected. Happy cooking!

Linda said...

I often wish I had more sides frozen. It helps when exbf comes here. I thought I had blackeyed peas for a side and it turned out to be blueberries. What I would normally freeze and could freeze for sides later go home with him. He cannot cook! Plus, he has to use two canes or a rolly walker to get around the kitchen. Now that my freezer is mostly empty, I will start saving out at least one helping for the freezer to be used later.

Carol Farley said...

I have only made pot roasts, stews, etc. in the crock pot so wondering how your meatloaf and turkey breast come out. Does the turkey fall apart like the pot roast? I think cooking in the slow cooker/crock pot is great but I have been hesitant to cook those two items that I asked you about. Thanks.

CTMOM said...

Meg B-could your share your copycat Starbuck's lemon loaf recipe? TIA

CTMOM said...

Carol Farley, I CP roast hotel turkey breasts, whole chickens-both come out as if I oven roasted them. The meat doesn't fall apart, my pot roasts are started while frozen to avoid that, as newer CP's cook at higher temps, even when on low. My meatloaf comes out normal as well, cooked, holds together and is moist. HTH

Carol Farley said...

Thanks for the info about cooking turkey breasts, meatloaf, etc. My crock pot is older so maybe, it won't cook these foods as well as yours. Worth a try, though and thanks for the info.

Meg B. said...

Copycat lemonoaf:
*This is my own "use it up" variation of an Allrecipes recipe. It's not not clean eating, gf, or fine cuisine. Be kind in judging. Here goes:
1 box white cake mix (recipe called for lemon, but those weren't $0.50)
1 3.4 oz. box lemon instant pudding. (recipe called for cook and serve, but I only had instant at $0.25/box)
1/2 cup butter, melted (recipe called for vegetable oil, but hey, I have standards. Plus, I have loads of butter bought at $1.99/pound)
1/4 cup water (I added this to make up for using instant pudding instead of cook and serve.)
3 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1Tbsp. lemon extract (I added this to make up for not having a lemon cake mix.)
-Mix dry ingredients together. Make well in center. Add butter, water, eggs and sour cream. Mix on medium until smooth. I poured mine in two greased, parchment lined loaf pans. I baked at 350 for 30 minutes. (Original recipe said 50 minutes, but that would've been far too long.)
Cool in pans ten minutes, turn out on rack to cool completely.
I drizzled mine with a glaze of powdered sugar, lemon juice and milk. (Don't ask how long the lemon juice has been in my refrigerator. It was a clearance bottle, and I typically only use it to add to my vinegar/water wood floor cleaner for fragrance.))
One ds loved it, dh said it was good. I like it, but would prefer it to be denser, and more pound cake like.

Busy Bee said...

Catching up on all my reading. I think my appetite is finally coming back, because now I am dreaming of meatloaf. :-)

Everything looks delicious!