Friday, March 10, 2017

Bulk batch cooking

 This is how I spent yesterday afternoon: having acquired some awesome meat deals (meatloaf mix, Italian sweet turkey sausage), and a small pkg of steak (fzn for next week's stir fry), I set to making a batch of meatballs, we were all out. The meatloaf mix and tureky sweet Italian sausage totaled $18.33/56 meatballs = 32 cents worth of meat per meatball. I used my homemade bread crumbs (usually made from bread heels), as well as spices on hand, 4 eggs (32 cents), some grated Parmesan Romano cheese(39 cents), milk (50 cents). So if I round this up, $20, it''s a whopping 35 cents/meatball. If I serve 2-3 per person, per meal this is super cheap, I know the ingredients.
 56 meatballs baking off all at once, capitalizing on the energy used.
 2 gallon sized baggies are now frozen for future meals
 I did grab my last jar of prepared "emergency" spaghetti sauce and simmered a few for a quick dinner (Thurs tend to be YOYO as DS eats with Dad)

I had mine on one of my homemade rolls. Yummy! L/o corn accompanied.


Busy Bee said...


Great finds. I love to batch cook like that. I feel like the savings of just dirtying dishes once is totally worth

Lili said...

Yum! I love that turkey Italian sausage. I prefer it to ground beef, in spaghetti sauce. I bet those meatballs are delicious!

Belinda said...

Great finds. I love finding meat on markdown and what a great stash of meatballs for your freezer.