Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Baking for a cause: the budget!

We were literally down to a few slices of bread as of this morning. With me home, I decided it was time to make some GF as well as regular bread.

Today found me trialing a new GF bread mix, which was easy to work with. I started with the GF bread, proofed it in the mini table top covection oven that I prewarmed.

I then used the ABM to mix and initially proof the regular bread. Once the GF bread was proofed, it went into the oven to bake (90 minutes!) and I proofed the white bread in the mini oven. 45 minutes later, it joined the GF bread in the oven.

Today's results: a large loaf of white, sandwich bread and a decent sized (hard to do, I have tried) loaf of GF bread. It's darker due to the rice syrup and sugars used, as well as the flours. DD will have to sample it, and let me know if I finally can come up with a decent sized, tastey GF bread for her. Buying it really is cost prohibative and right now, we are on a serious spending freeze as I prepare to buy a home.


Busy Bee said...

They both look great.

I don't know if your mix would work or not, but my bread machine has a gluten free cycle. I just don't know how different the cycle is from a regular cycle. I'll look into it and see though.

Belinda said...

It looks great, I hope your dd likes it. :)

Meg B. said...

Yes, gf bread is difficult to master in terms of size, appearance and texture.
I found a local source for a great price on Bob's Red Mill products. We don't need gluten free, thank goodness, but I prefer to bake with ancient grains, (ie: spelt) aluminium free baking powder and the like. Yes, the price of these ingredients can be very prohibitive.