Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A divide and conquer while using it up approach

For years, since being a child really, I have liked Raisin bran for an occassional breakfast cereal. Recently, I had a medium sized bowl with milk and unfortunately, had some significant IBS symptoms shortly afterwards, being left miserable for most of the day. Very odd. Was it the bran? was it the dairy? was it the fructose in the raisins? or mearly the combo that did me in. IBS and PSA can go hand in hand, I am aware.

So, as not to have a repeat experience, I've taken all of the raisins out (will use in oatmeal, perhaps cookies) and have the flaked cereal separate. I may make bran muffins, and then pulverize the rest and use like bread crumbs. Taking this cereal out of the pantry leaves us with some shredded wheat biscuits (I am the only one here who will eat it), plain cheerios, rice krispies. That' all. Cream of wheat, oats, maple flavored oats in packets (DS's favorite) as well as some Maypo remain as well.

I like to give DS a good breakfast, especially on school days, but I also like to mix it up. He's on break this week, but I still tend to him. Today's offerings are turkey breakfast sausage, eggs, toast with jam, apple spice herbal tea.

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Linda said...

I also ate Shredded Wheat for years until one day there were problems. So, I switched to Shredded Wheat large biscuit. Same thing happened after a few years. Bummer. The allergist determined I am allergic to wheat 20 years after giving up both of these. I do have IBS, too. It appears the allergies were 99% of my intestinal problems. Now, I eat eggs for a breakfast that sticks with me for hours. Oats in the carton are what I eat on some mornings. I loved Cream of Wheat, but am afraid to buy them. I grind my own brown rice in the coffee bean grinder for cheap Cream of Rice, another favorite.
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