Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wed: leftovers

 I had a little return of energy earlier, so I rooted around the fridge to prepare for supper. I took the rest of my reserved beef tallow and sauteed the rest of a pkg of aging mushrooms along with the rest of a red onion, normally reserved for salad, but also aging. Once they were soft, I added a small container of l/o onion gravy and the l/o gravy from Sunday's pot roast. The rest of the beef roast was sliced and added along with a healthy splash of Worcestershire sauce. Meanwhile, I had cooked 1/2 of a pkg of thin egg noodles, drained them before adding them to the pot. I let the flavors marry a bit while I got the sides ready. I called this "beef noodles" as I don't have any sour cream to turn this into stroganoff.

A quick salad of 1/2 of my remaining lettuce, a tomato, 1 carrot that I grated, 1/3 of the only cuke on hand. Choice of dressing was offered.
 The second bag of loose spinach needed to be cooked so that became the veg for the night. I filled a huge cast iron skillet with spinach, some no salt garlic and herb seasoning, a good blog of no salt butter and sauteed away.
It reduced to practically nothing. Delicious and there is now a container with about 2 lunch's worth of beef noodles left.

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annie said...

This sounds very good!