Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ventured out for some grocery specials

An ice storm had me out, driving DS to college this morning, due to a delayed opening. Luckily, I was able  to take him in, his sister would have been a back up before a cab was called.  Since I was already out, I headed over to Dollar Tree and Shop Rite for some needs, and to take advantage of some specials.

Dollar Tree: 2 bottles of white vinegar, 2 large cans of baked beans, a 150 count box of sandwich baggies, 2 narrow boxes of grahams.

Total spent: $7.06


 I used a raincheck to grab 3 pkgs of english muffins @ 79, Arnold bread on sale plus doubled up to a $1  face value coupon= 89 cent loaf of bread, and my favorite kind,
 LF milk for DD, a free doz white eggs, brown eggs were 89 after sale + cpn, Probiotic Tropicana juice was 50 cents after sale plus cpn. 4 8 oz blocks each of Sharp NY Cheddar and Monteray Jack cheese @ $1.33/8 oz or $2.66/lb. My go to price is never more than $4/lb (exception being Adam's reserve NY Cheddar as a treat, or a holiday cheese board)
 Sale plus coupons: 99 cent bottle of A & H, $3.99 of Gain-both are 50 oz, Gain is my preferred brand, which I seem to be stockpiling lately with some great deals. I won't pay more than $5/50 oz.
 chicken leg quarters are on sale @ 59/lb. 2 legs= a meal here. DD and I each take a thigh while DS has 2 drums. Sweet Italian sausages were $1.78 with store coupon. All of this is now frozen for upcoming months.
 With Lent around the corner and as a means to reduce buying sandwich cold cuts, I stocked up on some Chicken of the Sea tuna: 88/can for Albacore, limit 4 each type. I use the packed in oil version when I make tuna cakes. I like that these are now in pull tab cans. 4 cans Mary Kitchen corned beef hash in a reduced sodium version. Regular has 990 mg salt per serving! I paid $2.50/can. Will be nice for a change. I also grabbed 2 canisters of grated Parmesan/Romano (preferred cheese blend for pasta) as it was marked down @ $1.99/canister. One is tucked away in the fridge. Not pictured are:

-2, 5 lb bags Yukon Golds @ $1.49/bag
-1 gallon of white vinegar $1.78 (yup, cheaper than the DT-grr, now I know)
-a bottle of French's Dijon mustard and one of French's spicy brown at $1.99 & $1.19
-1 jar Prego "farmer's market" marinara @ $2

 I dropped those off in the cellar pantry.
2, 3 count bundles of 250 count Scotties tissues (preferred brand)were on sale making these $1.99/250 count box. I also grabbed, limit of 4, store brand 149 count boxes of tissues @ 88 cents. Finally, a box of Kotex tampons at 89 cents (NOT A TYPO!) on sale for $2.89, I had a $2 coupon. : )

Spent: $78.71

Total for the month so far: $252.60

Remaining: $47.40


meme said...

It is still snowing here (Northern Mass) - been snowing all day lightly. We are supposed to have up to a foot of snow on Thursday.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I have never seen low sodium Mary Kitchen hash in our area---I use it occasionally and I guess I better try another store and see if I find it there. One of our "emergency" dinners has always been hash, eggs, and toast, but it's one we have not used recently. I've been low sodium for 46 years now! I'm not fanatical about it (or I'd never get to eat out) but I do watch it when we eat at home, which is most of the time.

Belinda said...

Some great deals for you today. :)

Lili said...

You found some great deals, Carol! Good to know about the Dollar Tree vinegar price. Some of their items are a great deal, but others not so much.
Have a great week, Carol!

Ellie said...

Wow! $1.78 is the best price for vinegar that I have seen in a long time. It is $2 a gallon at Big Lots in my region of the country. Usually $2.48 a gallon. Perhaps because so many people can and make BBQ around here. Great find for you. :) - Ellie