Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Use it ALL up

 As I grabbed something out of one of my bathroom vanity drawers this weekend, I noted that I had amassed quite a few old deodorant containers, and my currently being used one was also to be considered "spent," leaving me with 4 old deodorant containers. While most would simply toss these out, I hang onto them until I have enough. I don't necessarily use the same brands-I buy whichever is the best bargain, combining sales and coupons. Certain brands, I find, are preferred for Summer use.
 I selected one of the deodorants, and twisted the dial all the way down, as far as it would go. Note that I leave some residual, solid deodorant in this container, to act as a block while refilling.
 Next, I scrapped out all of the remaining deodorant from the 3 containers left. Amazing how much is left behind.
 A few spins around in the microwave, carefully watched, and stirred halfway through, the salvedged deodorant was now liquified.
I quickly refilled the remaining container (all 3 others were recycled), and noted that I have an almost completely full container again.  Left alone to solidify, I twisted the container back up, and used it the next day, no issues. One less thing to buy at the store, although I still have about 3 brand new replacements awaiting.


Florence said...

What a clever idea!!

Busy Bee said...

That is so smart!

Belinda said...

Such a great idea!