Sunday, February 5, 2017

This week's mending

 I got to this week's mending yesterday afternoon and evening. An aqua bath towel that I seem to be constantly mending (but the terry is still very plush so a worthwhile endeavor), a pair of DD's sweat pants that she had been walking on, creating holes at the hem of the pant legs (bothered me more than her) now are shortened and have clean hems; a pair of DD's legging had a hole whip stitched shut on the leg where it got caught on a clothes rack at work; a pair of DD's sleep shorts had a seam give out, now freshly sewn shut with a double seam; a hand towel from my bath needed reinforcing along one side edge; a kitchen wash rag needed to have a side edge repaired, turned under and sewn shut.
I also had some hand sewing to do as we watched tv together after supper: 2 of DS's socks developed holes; one of my bras had the lace panel and underseam of one of the cups come loose from the underwire below.

It's never ending. This morning, DS presented me with a stuffed dog that has a seam blown out under it's neck. I noted that it also needs some more stuffing before I sew it shut. I'll take care of this mini project later today.


nicoleandmaggie said...

It really is never ending.

I just do hand sewing, and it seems like as soon as I finish the to-mend pile and have put my sewing kit away, some other seam has ripped out. I suppose one of these days I should teach the kids how to mend so they can take care of their own stuff. Definitely one of the more useful skills I learned as a child.

saraband said...

I remember my Mum teaching my brother and me to sew on buttons at the age of 5, and her doing the same with my children at a similar age.

Christie Hogan said...

I love reading about your day to day frugality. I'm am Frugal by nature but you give me a new perspective on things I have either forgotten about or just haven't thought about doing. I always look forward to a new post.
I mended one of my favorite sweaters from Goodwill for the second time yesterday. It still looks great even after being thrifted and wor. For about 3 years. I taught my son to mend his clothes while growing up and he does his AND his wife's clothes! Lol

Pellrider Scarborough said...

I am not sure how to ment the terry towels. Hope you will have picture tutorial on that.

Belinda said...

Mending ...there seems to always be something that needs it. I repaired a couple pairs of underwear for me where the elastic came away from the fabric and today I am going to repair one of my daughter's sanitary pads. She uses it everyday and it shows.