Monday, February 20, 2017

Pantry/freezer challenge: quiche

Quiche is a very, very forgiving recipe. While I do have a standard, cream and cheese ladden recipe that I love, I have been using Froog's quiche technique for some time now. Today's version gets a lot of leftover bits of this and that out of the fridge:

 In back is a bag of washed, organic beet greens. In front: one Aldi's pie crust, a bag of home shredded Swiss cheese out of the freezer.
I also used 1/2 a bag of tri color, frozen peppers with onions

 I pan fried the rest of a box of mushrooms that were starting to turn, 4 l/o pork breakfast sausages, leftover cooked bacon, and eventually added the 1/2 of a bag of peppers and onions, along with some reserved pork fat to fry these off.

Meanwhile, I chopped a small container's worth of leftover Spinach, and a small container's worth of leftover broccoli
 Meanwhile, I prepared my quiche pan, later adding the fried goods to it, and topping them with the chopped broccoli and spinach
 I sprinkled about 1/2 a cup's worth of Swiss cheese on top. I will wait until close to dinner to mix up the custard (see recipe) and bake this off.
 I scrubbed the remaining 8 carrots from a 5 lb bag, getting these older ones out of the vegetable bin. I had already purchased the next bag for the upcoming month. I leave the peels on, and sliced them on an angle. I am cooking these ahead as peas and carrots are on the menu tomorrow.

I cut the beet greens, chiffonade style, and will sautee them using the same skillet I cooked vegetables and the pork sausage and bacon in earlier, and will season them with some salt free, onion/garlic seasoning.

DD can't eat the quiche (dietary restrictions) so she will have some brown rice pasta with the rest of an Asian peanut sauce that she made and loved.  She is able to eat both vegetable choices alongside.

Dinner will be healthful, and get a lot of lingering items out of the fridge, which I am quite happy about. This is a no grocery shopping week, beyond perhaps a jug of milk.


Belinda said...

How do you like the pie crust from Aldi's, Carol? We like quiche here too. I read last week about a lady who was able to get Pillsbury pie crust for 25¢ on mark down at her Walmart. I went to check ours, but no such luck. Aldi has eggs for 69¢ here thru tomorrow, but ours was wiped out.

CTMOM said...

Although I much prefer my scratch crusts, in a pinch and depending on how my arthritis is acting up, the Aldi's crusts are comparable to Pillsbury.

Anne in the kitchen said...

That looks good! I use either a quiche or frittata to use my odds and ends also!

Busy Bee said...

I love how forgiving quiche is. Great way to use up odds and ends of things.

Belinda said...

Thank you, Carol. I will have o try the Aldi pie crusts.

Have you heard about ?

They are supposed to be just like Angel Food Ministries. I've not tried them yet though.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, I just googled kingfoods, the menu looks very much like angel foods. I'd try them if they had a site near me. Lot's of healthy choices. Would appreciate a fresh produce box, I used to get 2 when I had a family of 6, plus a few of their main boxes. Really helped the budget.

Belinda said...

There is one here about 32 miles from me, so I may consider it. It did look like good healthy choices. :)

CTMOM said...

Belinda, when Angel Food was on, I would drive once/month to the host site, a 30 minute drive on a parkway. I would then go an additional 15 minutes further on a highway to an Aldi's, again for a once/month stock up. AF closed, Aldi's opened in my area, including the city I now live in. If you decide to try it, please consider posting a review on your blog.