Friday, February 3, 2017

March 2017 menus


Planning ahead for next month:

1-crab-Swiss quiche, fzn brussels sprouts steamed with carrots, salad (use can crab, fzn cheese)
3-homemade cheese pizza, salad
4-lentil sloppy joes (new), salad
5-chicken-cacciatore over rice (use fzn split breasts), salad
6-planned over: fzn beef stew
7-planned over: l/o cacciatore sauce (shred chicken into sauce) over pasta; salad, canned gr beans
8-homemade black bean (use fzn) burgers, tater tots, honey carrots
10-creamed salmon (canned) over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
11-Senate bean soup, saltines
12-Crock pot rotiserie chicken (use fzn whole ck), steamed fzn pea/sprouts with fresh carrots, mashed potato, homemade gravy
13-beef stir fry (use fzn small steak) over rice, fzn pot stickers
14-lazy golubki casserole (use fzn beef), salad
15-CP meat sauce (use fzn beef) over spagheti, salad, fzn green beans
17-corned beef and cabbage, homemade whole wheat soda bread
18-chicken soup, crackers
19-CP pot roast (use fzn beef), mashed potato, canned corn, sauteed cabbage
20-planned over: beef stroganoff, canned beets
21-Baked Haddock (fzn), garlic noodle mix, green beans
22-hamburger and  macaroni (use fzn beef), salad
24-homemade mac n cheese, fzn broccoli
25-franks and canned beans
26-hotel style turkey breast (fzn), pan stuffing, canned beets, canned green beans
27-planned over: turkey tacos, canned corn
28-planned over: CP turkey-bean chilli, homemade corn bread
29-CP turkey-beef meatloaf (use fzn meats), mashed potatoe, onion gravy  fzn peas
31-homemadequinoa burgers, coleslaw, fzn mixed veggies

Besides the usual perishables, including salad fixings, I only will need to buy a corned beef, which should* go on sale within the next month


Busy Bee said...

I'm always impressed when you do this. A week at a time can be stretching it for me. A month out I don't have a clue what we will be up to.

mikemax said...

I'm no good with menus, either. (The road to hell is paved with good intentions). I was out tonight in what passes for a blizzard here (4" of snow so far) and bought the following at Fred Meyer, which had some hellacious specials on food this week. I bought a couple of New York strip steaks for $4.98 lb., cross rib roast--which is basically a tough cut of meat that I will cut up for stew beef--$2.78 lb., 2 cartons eggs .99 for 18, shredded cheese, .99 for 8 ounce package, sour cream and cottage cheese for .99 pint. I can't tell you what week we will eat this, but eat it we will!

We have been eating higher on the hog than usual. $5.98 lb. for fresh Dungeness crab is cheap, and I got it this week at that price. It is also DH's favorite food in the universe, so I try to buy it once or twice a year as a treat. I bought two crabs for $23 (which was jaw-dropping at the time, and not in a good way). Last night we had cracked crab with homemade macaroni salad, and tonight he shelled the last half-crab and I made Eggs Goldenrod with crab (poached egg on an English muffin, topped with crab and cheese sauce). I used the last of some mozzarella cheese I've been trying to salvage for the sauce and now have leftover cheese sauce for topping broc or cauliflower. We have had two restaurant-quality seafood meals for 3 people for $23, also using up other odds and ends in the kitchen, and for almost no cooking effort. The English muffs have been lurking in the freezer since my last foray to the bread thrift store.