Friday, February 10, 2017

Lunches lately

Mon(no photo): leftover turkey casserole, leftover beets

Tues: 1/2 a can's worth of macaroni and bean soup, peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. Weird combo, but it worked

Wed (no photo): a leftover, cooked hotdog in a toasted New England style hotdog bun, the rest of the mac and bean soup from Monday.
 Thurs: everyone was home due to a blizzard, so I made English muffin mini pizzas with jarred sauce I got on sale plus cpn (Prego Farmer's market version-very good, no questionable ingredients), l/o sliced black olives, some of an open red onion, a few sliced fresh mushrooms, some hand grated Cheddar, some hand  grated Provolone
Fri: 2 for lunch, so I made more mini pizzas (I recently got 79 cent/6 count English muffins) using the aforementioned sauce and cheeses, along with Pepproni. It worked.


meme said...

I love English muffin pizzas too. We also had that same storm - lots of snow with more coming tomorrow and Sunday night.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I think English muffin pizzas are great too! I need to start planning my lunch instead of just eating whatever is left over. (Meaning a tablespoon of this, a couple of bites of that and two tablespoons of something else)

Busy Bee said...

We haven't made English muffin pizzas in a while. My kids used to love them when they were little.

Lili said...

That all sounds delicious. We've been eating a lot of soup for lunches this past week. Soup and bread, or soup and a half-sandwich, plus a glass of juice has been about right for me.

We make pizza sandwiches, similar to English muffin pizzas, only with thick slices of homemade bread (French bread being the best for this). I lightly toast the bread first, then top with sauce and cheese, and broil. The round English muffin ones were always a hit when my kids were small, as they loved the idea of having their very own little pizza (and would ask me to slice their mini pizzas into wedges).

Laura said...

English muffin pizzas make me feel so nostalgic! Also, they are yummy. Looks good.