Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lunches at home

 A sample of my recent lunches at home: a leftover, bacon/onion infused burger on a whole wheat bun, l/o  homemade coleslaw
 l/o roast chicken dinner: sliced meat, mashed potatoes w/ onion gravy, mixed veg, stuffing, the rest of the cranberry sauce
 a leftover ground turkey burger on a seeded roll, l/o salad
Today's lunch: the rest of the chicken salad (DS who NEVER complains, had grown tired of it), a large salad (also leftover and now gone)

Other meals have included a pan fried hotdog on a roll, baked beans; chicken salad sandwich on a toasted roll; homemade chicken-rice-vegetable soup with crackers on the side. I also recall PB & J being an offering one day.

Salad dressings continue to be offerings of homemade vinaigrette, a few (random) lurking bottles of dressing acquired very cheaply by combining sales and doubled up to a $1 coupons, taking advantage of some Penzey's freebie, smaller jars of dressing mix as well as Penzey's dressing mixes that I had purchased in the past.

In an effort to adhere to my MD's orders, I am actively making efforts to use up a lot of my condiments (sodium being a concern) as well as anything with HFCS (DD can't have), seeking alternative brands/making it myself or simply no longer partaking of a particular item. I've blended some oddball ingredients, with satisfactory results. I also continue to "rinse out" mustard bottles with existing dressing, then decanting the mustard infused dressing back into the cruet or jar. My French family has always done this. I have ramped it up by doing the same with mayo, ketchup and sauce containers that have dregs left inside. The bottles are then recyled, once cleaned.

I am also being more vigilent about my water consumption. My new RX has considerably side effects, and one is cautioned to increase water consumption, an issue I already have, due to my kidney issues. I have a tall, (16 oz?)BPA free, refillable water bottle. I have taken to starting eash day with 3 rubber bands on the body of the bottle. As I deplete the filled bottle, I remove a rubber band. This trick has really worked for me, to ensure not only that I get my minimum 3 bottles worth of water in, but the evening often finds me consuming a bonus 4th.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Your rubber band trick is a fantastic idea!

BlogReader said...

Great trick with the water bottle. I may try that. Your lunches look very generous and rich. Enjoy!!

Busy Bee said...

The rubber band trick is awesome! I hope you are continuing to adjust well to your new meds.

Hawaii Planner said...

I've been obsessed with water drinking since I was a kid. At meals out, I was always the person drinking everyone else's water until the waiter would bring refills. I'm still that way, so I drink a tremendous amount of water. I also have a son who gets migraines when he's dehydrated, and he doesn't have the natural desire to drink as much as he should. I like the rubber band trick.

Your lunches look great. One of the perks in my life is a free lunch at work, with lots of variety & healthy choices. (Sadly, I don't always partake of the healthy choice. ;-))

CTMOM said...

I actually measured my water bottle this morning, and yes, it holds 16 oz. If minimally, I have 3 of these, that's 48 oz of water, not including my afternoon cup of tea (8 oz), my morning cup of coffee (8 oz) so I can count on having 64 oz at least/day. I am happy with that.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I also drink a lot of water, having high blood pressure for years. When I recently went on med for gout, the medicine bottle said to add 8 additional glasses of water per day. Don't think that's possible, but I do my best. It helps that some of the meds make my mouth dry. I take a 1 quart container of water to bed at night--leave it on the nightstand--sometimes I drink more than half of it during the night.