Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lunches at home lately

 l/o, homemade turkey burger on a bun, l/o corn, lemonade generic "koolaid"
 tuna salad with lettuce sanddwich on toasted, purchased oat bread bought on sale plus coupon
 Friday night ended up being dinner out with my DD, at a local diner. I took half home, including DD's complimentary salad appetizer, which included ingredients she can't eat. Crab stuffed fish, steamed carrots, boiled potato wedges, fzn corn.
Homemade refried beans (l/o)on flour tortillas, with lettuce, l/o chopped tomato, l/o beef and bean taco filling, l/o home shredded Jack cheese, hot sauce. I would only eat one, this is DS's plate.

Yesterday was a quick tuna sandwich on toasted white bread, as I had to eat once I returned home from volunteering, then out to view homes.

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