Wednesday, February 1, 2017


 We have been runig out of so much, it was time for a true grocery shopping today. I hit Aldi's, Dollar Tree, and Price rite. I got 4 jars of mushrooms (these are DT, from Holland this time), 2 lg cans (DT again) of baked beans, 2 large bags of fzn spinach, 2 bags tater tots, 4 bags of multi colored peppers and onions
 4 lbs wild caught Salmon fillets, 2 lbs wild caught Haddock, a pouch of presliced Pepperoni
 Fresh fruit: D'anjou pears, bananas, Navel oranges
 Could NOT afford to not pick this up: approx 10 1/2 lbs of 80 % ground beef at $1.72/lb, 5 split chicken breasts @ 99/lb, and not pictured: 2 huge roaster chickens (marked down) @ 50/lb.
 Pantry: 4 cans pork beans, jar green relish, organic fair trade sugar for my morning coffee
 Fresh vegetables were very scarce: 2 tubs mushrooms, 2 large heads cabbage, 5 non GMO NY state greenhouse tomatoes that actually taste good, 6 lbs onions
 Swiss chard, broccoli crowns, both red and golden beets, 5 lbs carrots, 2 bags spinach @ 99/bag. Not pictured: 10 lbs Russets @ $2.99, 3 lbs baby Yukon golds @ $1.99
 Taxables: "Saran wrap," liners for DS's boots (he'll reimburse me), soft picks (DD will reimburse me)
 Breads: large box corn flakes, saltines, graham crackers, English muffins, whole wheat water rolls, hamburger and hotdog buns, 2 pkgs pie crusts
 a straggler: seeded Rye
 Dairy: 4 doz medium eggs, 3 pkgs presliced cheese (Provolone, Sharp Cheddar, Colby-Jack), reg and LF milk, organic yogurt.
 Cold cuts-it's been a while. Nice to be able to mix it up. DS who never complains about food, has been getting tired of chicken salad

I'll tally my receipts later. I have $ in an envelope for groceries this month. I have some left, so that's a good sign. Have to figure out what my total is, less the items for DD and DS. I hope NOT to return to the grocery except for a true need for at least a few weeks.

UPDATE: $166.83 was spent out of my $300 budget for the monht.


Busy Bee said...

Everything looks good!

meme said...

What a great shopping trip! Congrats on those meat deals! I hope you can stay out of the store for awhile too!