Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fish on Monday

 Pantry/freezer continues, and we are following my menu plan. 3 cans of tuna (2 in oil albacore @ 88 cents, 1 chunk lite at 67 cents in water) combined with a grated carrot, dried onion, dill weed, 2 eggs, a 1/3 bag of herbed crackers that have been lingering and were crushed up under a rolling pin all blended together, quickly became 6 nice sized tuna cakes. DS had 2 while DD and I each had one. Tartar sauce accompanied.  The 2 l/o cakes will be lunch for DD and myself.
 1/2 a bag of fzn tater tots and 1/2 of a bag of DD's seasoned, waffle fries were baked off in the mini convection oven, ketchup served on the side.
 A can of no salt green beans bulked out the meal, along with l/o beets, l/o butternut.
DS's plate-he had 2 cakes, while DD and I had one.


meme said...

I can imagine you will really begin to "eat down" the pantry now that you will be moving!

CTMOM said...

I am severely limiting what gets purchased. I did grab 2 milks on the way home today, but my efforts are focused on using what is here, as I don't want to move it! Closing at this point is set for the end of March, we'd definately be here all of April, at least 1/2 of May so 10-12 weeks to use it all up! I am also starting to think of what we will use (furnishings wise) at the other home, what I would want to sell/donate/give away. I don't want to move anything we won't use. I am thinking of what sprucing up/remodel/upgrades I wish to do, and what the priorities are. Establishing needs and wants.