Friday, January 13, 2017

Working the deal


I live in these slippers come Fall. They are expensive at $69 but I literally wear them out. I noticed that mine are getting bad, should be replaced.


I have a LL Bean waterhog mat at the front door, bought at a discount through a Facebook tag sale page, and had been wanting another for the sliders in the back. I do have a door mat already there, bought for a few bucks as I started out back on my own, post divorce, acquired at a thrift shop in like new condition. It's showing it's age and needs replacing.

The slippers cost $69.
The mat costs $39.99.

I worked an awesome deal:

25 % off $100 order with free shipping, saved $27.23
used a found in my desk Visa GC , save $41.76

Total saved: $68.99-call that my slippers for free!

Add some tax and the deal is done.  I am very happy with this.


kelley said...

great deal...I have watering mats in my car and just love them...

Ms. Sandie said...

I love hose deals!