Friday, January 20, 2017

Use it up, avoiding food waste

No real menu was planned today, as Fridays is one of the planned "leftovers" or Y.O.Y.O. nights. DD's BF is visiting and they have made plans, so it will be just me and DS #2. No worries, let's see what is on hand:

 Reserved beef tallow (the beige circle in the upper left part of the pan) was used to fry off the remaining part of a pot roast that was first ground up in the food processor, along with some chopped onion (the remaining 1/2 of an open one in the fridge)
 Once cooked, I seasoned this mixture with a bit of salt and a nice dose of freshly ground black pepper. This ground cooked roast is substituting for the usual ground beef.
 I grabbed the oldest, lurking potatoes that were very past their prime and was able to make a small batch of mashed potatoes, adding black pepper, a bit of salt, milk, butter, onion powder. The spuds topped the beef/onion mixture.
 A can of no salt creamed corn out of the pantry. Finding no salt CREAMED corn can be difficult. I was able to get this can on sale plus a doubled coupon. I forget what the final total was, but know that this can of corn was reasonably priced, out the door.
 The corn was then added as the final layer to the casserole, and dotted with no salt butter.
 Now covered in this vintage, acquired thru Freecycle  casserole dish, it will later be baked off in the mini convection oven.
 I also made a coleslaw out of 1/2 of a head of Savoy cabbage, the only type DD is to have, one grated carrot, some dried minced onion, more black pepper and 1/2 of the small bottle of Simply Marzetti coleslaw dressing, recently bought on sale plus cpn. It's a brand that DD can consume.
 L/O baked Butternut squash was mashed and added to a box of Namaste brand muffin mix, along with some Penzey's Baking spice. These are gluten free.
I also baked more scones, once again turning to Namaste for their Muffin and scone mix, which IS diffferent than the aformentioned muffin mix.I added dried lemon peel and some frozen blueberries to this batter, and topped it with some Damarara raw sugar crystals. Again, gluten free.


Meg B. said...

You had me until the creamed corn!
You made a common recipe here. In fact, tonight we'll have cottage pie made from leftover roast pork and carrots. 5 pound bags of potatoes are .99 each this week, so we will be seeing potatoes used a lot in the near future!

meme said...

Looks like a great dinner! I bet the ground roast tasted delicious in this dinner.

Busy Bee said...

I've never had creamed corn in a cottage pie type dish. Does it come across as super sweet?

CTMOM said...

Bsy Bee, no, I do not think so. Since becoming ever more vigilent about salt intake, per MD's orders, I noted that it "needed" salt. : ) Guess I am continuing to adjust.

laura sampson said...

s\So weird the FODMAP diet I was looking into said to avoid savoy cabbage!

CTMOM said...

Laura, I'll have to check with DD. Her diet is a combo IBS, GERD diet and is MD prescribed. I check ingredients with her while shopping and as I prepare to make recipes, and for meal planning