Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Upcoming project

 A big sewing, mending project for me:  this is an all wool topped quilt that my great grandmother made back in the day, using pieces of cut up woolen clothing. I see a lot of my great grandfather's pants in this. The dark grey and black looking pieces are actually pin stripped.
 I had set this LL Bean wool kilt from Scotland aside years ago, just for this project.
Here's an upclose shot of the classic, Tartan plaid, which will blend in well with the colors already in the quilt. There is no quilt filling, the back is a heavy cotton fabric. I recall using this on my bed back in the 1970's-it is very warm, due to the wool.

I will be working on this for some time, to get it back into service.


Lili said...

What a family treasure! Did you know either of your great grandparents? Good luck on the repair project.

CTMOM said...

Lili, Yes, I was blessed to have known my maternal great grandparents very well. They passed within months of each other. I was 7 but still remember them fondly. One of their daughters was a spinster who took in the various cousins at her Summer home in the Berkshire mountains, she lived with them also. I learned to garden, cook and home can by my great grandmother, picking wild fruit and playiing cards with my great grandfather, as well as doing minor home repairs, repainting furniture. I lived with them for many weeks, every Summer as well as went to their home during the school year at least 1-2 times a week in the afternoon as both of my parents worked. There was a definate patchwork of childcare arrangements with a large, extended family. I miss not having this for my own children.

meme said...

What a beautiful quilt! And how comforting to have the actual clothes from your great grandparents right there to touch and remember.

Precious People Preschool said...

How beautiful and special it is to have the wool quilt. I spent many hours with my maternal GG when I was young. She canned, gardened, crocheted and had chickens and rabbits. She had an entire garage filled with her canned goods. Many of the children that had been in her childcare came by and brought produce or took eggs and canned goods
if it was a tight month.She always said remember to bring back my jars. It was quite the
ministry. {: It is a blessing to know how to preserve food. Have a great day.

NAN said...

How nice! I have actually started sewing myself and am determined to make a patchwork quilt. Mom used to sew quilts and I'm going to try to make each of my 3 kids one. I'm starting out easy with a Valentine's Day apron for my 2 year old granddaughter. I bought the material last year to make her a pinafore and never got around to it. I used to sew a lot- we'll see how my back treats me. For some reason when I sew, I must hunch forward. DD says there is a chair that will help with that but I haven't researched it. Maybe I just need to be mindful!!!

Busy Bee said...

I love this! The fabric you picked will look great with it.