Sunday, January 8, 2017

This week's sewing project

DS recently asked me if I would repair a torn quilt. Sure, bring it over.

 Well, he added in this tote bag, that had one handle torn completely off. I cut the frayed end, reattached it.
 To reinforce it, I added a layer of double faced seam binding along the inside of the bag. Navy was as close as I could get to black, using what I have on hand.
The quilt turned out to be a 3 hour project. Multiple tears, rip "squares" meant making templates for the bad areas, and using a darker pink fabric that had been given to me by my now former MIL, and using inherited thread (pink on top, white on the bottom in the bobbin as the back of the quilt is faced in a solid cream fabric), I applique stitched these new squares over the worn/worn out areas. Came out very nice, if I may say so myself! My cost: $0 save the electric for the machine and the lights.


56steps said...

You did a really nice job on the quilt. I love working on something and extending its life.
It's very pretty.


Anne in the kitchen said...

You did do a nice job on the quilt. I have slowly but surely been mending a quilt my MIl made and gave to us decades ago. It is slow going but worth it to keep the integrity of her quilt while repairing it.

meme said...

the quilt came out very nice !

meme said...

the quilt came out very nice !