Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday supper: the Crock Pot is out once again this week!

 Saturday soup moved to today, due to how I have been feeling on this new RX, and so as to avoid food waste! Some inspiration ingredients: the rest of a sleeve of celery, 3 carrots, an onion (will only use 1/2, saving the other for another meal), the bowl of slowly gathered, leftover frozen veggies from over the course of the week. It is actually greatly reduced as I often scooped some onto my luncheon plate this past week.
 I defatted the homemade chicken stock that I made earlier in the week, freezing the fat for future cooking. There are some traces left behind (ever  read the label of canned soup? chicken fat is often a listed ingredient, BTW) on the top of this gelatinous stock. It's tinted a bit orange-yellow due to the Paprika used in last week's rotisserie style chicken.
 Small tub of chicken "scraps" pulled off of the carcass after I made the aforementioned stock, a large tub with still quite a bit of roast chicken in it.
 Here's the soup so far, I've added salt, pepper, Parsley, French tarragon, water along with all of the aforementoned ingredients. Later in the day, I will add some fzn, leftover rice.

A tossed salad will round out the meal, keeping things very easy on me.
I made a good sized batch of chicken salad out of most of the remaining, chicken breast meat, celery, dried onion, black pepper, French tarragon, mayo. I have been out of cold cuts for at least 1 1/2 weeks, with no plans to buy any this upcoming week. Homemade sandiwch fillings are being called upon for work/school lunches.


Busy Bee said...

Soup sound so perfect!

Belinda said...

Everything looks good Carol. I am out of any lunch meat too, so pb & J for the week for dear daughter and soup every day for me.

Life In Mooseport said...

Your meals always look so delicious!

Lili said...

You've inspired me to make a soup in my crockpot today, to go with sandwiches tonight. Soup can be such a frugal food! thanks for the inspiration, Carol. Is today your first volunteer day? I hope it went well.

CTMOM said...

Many on social media have been making soup lately! Yes, today was my first volunteering day at the hospital. It went fine, they were a bit disorganized but I am a self starter.