Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday cooking

 Sunday's late breakfast, although not quite a brunch: egg nog waffles, scrambled/fried eggs, marked down Johnsonville pork breakfast sausages, Hazelnut coffee
 I offered up lighter fare for a late lunch: DS had a small ham and lettuce sandwich on a marked down, onion rolls, a smaller portion of mac & bean soup (canned), water.
 I had an even smaller portion of the soup, the rest of the shrimp cocktail, some l/o salad with a honey mustard dressing, water.
 As is my tradition, following in Mom's footsteps, I always roast a turkey on New Year's Day. This is the freebie, 21 lber I got from Shoprite.
Roasting away in my Great grandmother's enamelware roaster.

Sides will be mashed potatoes, stuffing, whipped sweet potatoes, creamed onions with fzn peas, cranberry sauce.  Planned overs are scheduled for tomorrow, a sheppard's pie with whipped sweet potatoes on Tues, and certainly sandwiches/lunch fillings with some of the breast meat. A lot of the cooked meat will be portioned and frozen for future meals, in 2 cup increments. A stock will be made out of the remaining pan drippings, skin, bones, turkey neck. Tomorrow, I will defat it, get it frozen as well.

DS's plate.

Follow up on the partially cleaned with oven cleaner stove: since I rinsed the oven cleaner off fully, there was absolutely no smell once I lit the oven. Whomever gave the oven a "lick and a promise" cleaning prior to our tenancy, failed in many aspects as regards this oven.  It was a nasty job, especially considering that I was cleaning up after someone else's mess. It's much, much cleaner now, I will continue to stay on top of it, cleaning wise.


Belinda said...

Your meals for today sound delicious.

After making bread today, I cleaned the inside of my oven because I had read your blog post about cleaning yours. I need to clean it more often than I do now.

meme said...

I remember as a kid - my parents always roasting a turkey on New Year's too. I always thought it was because my father was home to help out with all the cooking.

We cooked our turkey yesterday, had it for dinner, had it for dinner again tonight - the rest of the meat is divided into portions for meals, and a turkey pie was also made for the freezer.

BlogReader said...

When you offer lunch options to your young adults are they allowed to deviate and eat what tickles their fancy? Or are they to stick to what is being presented?

CTMOM said...

Meme-yes, my Mom always did this, too. Helps to transition into the new year as food stuffs are prepared in advance. I don't have to worry about making a credit card payment, fortunately, to pay off Christmas debt, but have had unusually high, IMO, electric bills, which may be due to a faulty water heater that I have alerted the landlord about.

CTMOM said...

Blogreader-there are usually several options to select from, both hot and cold. DD is on a restricted diet due to IBS, so she often will prepare something for just herself.