Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday's breakfast

Ham (one slice of Xmas ham remained in the freezer), the other 1/2 of an open jar of mushrooms, the remaining presliced red onion became the filling for 2 omelettes this morning, both using some reserved ham/bacon fat to grease the omelette skillet. DS #2's also had some home grated Colby-Jack-he needs the salt/calories while I do not. : )   He also had a GF butternut squash muffin and 2 tea bags joined forces to offer him a cup of tea to accompany while I reheated some coffee from a repurposed jar kept in the fridge,and tried a GF blueberry scone. A larger than usual breakfast as DS has an hour long appointment at noon, we'll have lunch after 1 today.

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