Monday, January 9, 2017


Today's mail delivery brought me these 2, 90 day mail order medications.

Cost:  $1257.02

My cost to date: $125.65

I await receipt of the paperwork to submit to a drug company, but I will get $90 back once I do, so final cost will be $35.65 for this 3 month supply. Very nice.


Debbie said...

That is a huge savings! I'm so glad that your insurance covers most of the cost.

meme said...

Prescriptions are so expensive! I am so thankful with my state plan I only pay 12.50 per prescription. My premium is 100 dollars a month - I get this plan because I am self employed.

Carol Farley said...

I have been using Restasis for quite a few years now and like the benefit that I have gotten for my dry eye condition. Also, upon the recommendation of my opthamologist I also use over the counter eye drops when needed to supplement the Rx. Hope you get the same relief.