Monday, January 2, 2017

Pantry/freezer challenge breakfast

My breakfast this morning: organic yogurt, kiwi and Clementine salad, water, l/o Hazelnut coffee, a pice of my blueberry coffee cake.

DS had the same fruit, peach herbal tea, l/o egg nog waffles with Maple syrup.

Lunch will be leftovers. Choice are:
- mac and bean soup
-sandwich using l/o ham or l/o turkey
-kielbasa and baked beans

 My lunch, soup with some vegetable crackers from Christmas, water
DS had the pizza, water.

Dinner will be planned overs:
-roast turkey
-mashed potatoes
-whipped sweet potatoes
-what I am calling "mixed veggies"-a container with all of the bits of l/o vegetables from the week
-cranberry sauce

Just fix a plate and heat it up. Easy on the cook!

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meme said...

We had turkey dinner leftovers last night and I enjoyed that nice hot plate of "easy" food from the fridge. We are having it - one more time - tonight!

The rest of the bird is set in freezer containers and a turkey pie is also in the freezer. I actually can't wait to have the turkey pie!