Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lunches at home and away (work/school)

 The contents of the meat drawer are typically reserved for DS's lunches away from home. Pickings are growing slimmer and slimmer but I have several tricks to fall back on this month.
 At home/work with access to a microwave: leftovers are typically my lunch as I prefer a hot meal. A leftover piece of cooked Kielbasa and a tub of l/o baked beans quickly became a beanies and weanies type dish, that I baked off in the mini convection oven.
 I got 2 day's worth of lunches out of it. I continue to drink plenty of water all day long
as well as tea. Here I am getting a second cup's worth, using both a spent lemon from a previous up, and 2 spent tea bags. All is then disposed of, save the lemon peel, which I am amassing until I have enough to infuse a jar of lemon/citrus vinegar for general cleaning.

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meme said...

I love baked beans with a swirl of mustard in them. As a kid, I loved the cut up hotdogs in the dish. I can remember my mother making a 13x9 baking dish with beans and hotdogs, english muffins for a Saturday night dinner - I thought it was always the best meal ever!