Sunday, January 8, 2017

Late December groceries

Apparently, I forgot to post this shopping trip, that took place just after Christmas:

 Cleaning supplies topped up, used immediately as I attacked the range's oven-all Dollar Tree finds
 I also grabbed 4 10 oz jars of mushrooms in water from Poland. I am particular as to country of origin, with Europeen countries making the cut. These work out to be cheaper than Aldi's, which come from France. Typically, I will use 1/2 a jar in a recipe/meal. With produce prices so high, quality questionable, I turn to these type of alternatives come Winter.
 Stop and Shop yielded several marked downs: Crosiants, rolls
 3 lb bag of bany Yukon Golds at 99 cents-yes, please! I also grabbed the last pack of whole cloves. It refilled my jar about 1/4 of the way at 69 cents.
 Cat fish nuggets/fillet pieces were regular price but still a bargain at $3.99/lb; I also got 2 fzn rolls 85% ground beef @ Aldi's, marked down Italian meatballs at S & S as well as marked down stew beef. I used the aforementioned rolls above and the meatballs to create 2 days worth of hot meatball Parmesan sandwiches, using up a lurking jar of pizza sauce that DD had in the fridge-it needed to be used before it went bad.
2 cubes of lotion tissues and 2 pkgs of batteries from Aldi's

The receipts are somewhere on my desk and will be tallied for Dec. budget spending. Meanwhile, we continue to focus on a use what is on hand, pantry/freezer month (or 2, if not longer!)

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