Friday, January 13, 2017

Impromptu chicken parm

 I bought a marked down package of 3 BSCB yesterday so that became the inspiration for dinner: an impromptu baked chicken Parmesan supper. I dipped the chicken into beaten eggs, then dredged them well into a bowl of homemade, whole wheat bread crumbs to which I had added black pepper, salt free garlic seasoning, Italian herbs. I baked these off in the mini convection oven for about 35 minutes before topping them with some jarred spaghetti sauce and topping that with some sliced Provolone that needed to be used up (found a teeny mold spot on a slice when making DS #2's lunch in the morning). There was a choice of l/o farfalle in sauce, l/o spaghetti with sausage sauce and l/o GF spaghetti with sausage sauce. Canned, no salt French green beans completed the dinner plates.
Tossed salad of "power greens" organic salad blend, hot house NY state cherry tomatoes, grated carrot, sliced red cabbage, cucumber. Choice of salad dressings.

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