Sunday, January 8, 2017

Next steps to a new career


As of Wednesday, I've taken my last final, and have completed all of my coursework towards earning a certificate in my new field. I had an A going into the final, which was worth 20%, so I am in no danger of not passing. : )

Next up: my volunteering at the local hospital, to familiarize myself with the establishment, get my foot in the door, intergrate more fully into the community, get some "experience." I've completed all requirements for my volunteer application, including attending a 2 hour orientation, an hour long one on one interview, paper work, computerized back ground check. I await a call for "training." Seems like a very long process.

Meanwhile, I've tweaked my resume one last time, and have electronically submitted seven applications, most to the hospital, one to an orthopedic center. I am anxious to get a position with benefits. Difficulty is many expect experience, but how is one to gain that? Fingers are crossed. I have until the end of August to do so.

Finacially, I am OK, I need to work for insurance. It is what it is. Meanwhile, I contacted the state retirement board and asked for the paperwork to submit for my impending retirement from my former career.

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