Friday, January 13, 2017

Grocery shoppig during a pantry challenge

 We are really making a concert effort not to shop much at the moment. That said, perishables need topping up, and the stores had a few awesome deals.

Here's what we came home with:  Bread dept: 2 boxes of Namaste GF muffin/scone mix @ $5.19, a pkg of GF bread mix @ $5.19, hot dog rolls, potato rolls, seeded hamburger rolls-Arnold preferred brand @ $1.67 after sale plus cpn, GF granola, Namaste GF muffin mix $4.99.
 3 doz eggs. I tried DT-no delivery this week; they tend to deliver every other Tues. The 2 from Aldi's cost $1.49 while the Egglands cost me 47 cents after combining a sale with $1 cpn. Albacore @ 99. Not pictured: gallon 2 % milk @$2.99, 1/2 gallon lactose free milk @ $2.79, qt organic vanilla yogurt @$2.99
 A large tub of organic, baby salad greens @ $3.59; 2 small tubs of organic Power greens @ $2.49 each, 1 cuke @ 29 cents, strawberries @ $2.99, slicing tomatoes @ $2.49, cherry tomatoes, 8 lb bag of Navels @3.99. Not pictured: red onions @$1.99/2 lb bag. Not pictured: 2 bottles Juicy juice @ $1.49, 6 cans  no salt sliced beets @ 50 cents, 6 cas ea no salt corn & no salt green beans @ 34 cents, no HFCS ketchup @ $1.99, 1 pkg ea Birds eye Steamfresh fzn brocolli florettes and sweet corn @ 47 cents after sale + cpn. In my efforts to lose weight, thanks to the holidays and a new RX, I have given up my morning OJ, turning to citrus fruits now in season, as well as having a salad almost every day with both lunch and dinner, explaining why I keep buying more citrus and more salad greens.
Single item from Dollar Tree: lb bag of gummies for DS #2. $1.06

Also not pictured:

-BSCB (marked down) 3 large in pkg  $4.88
-2, 4 lb chuck pot roasts @ $2.99/lb
-1 Perdue OS roaster @ 99/lb

-18 ct pkg TP $6.99
-2 12 ct mega roll Scott Tp @$4.99 after sale plus cpn
-bag bird seed $7.99 (tallied under pets within budget)
-2 suet cakes @ 99 (pets)
-3 50 oz bottles Gain detegent (my favorite) @ $2.65 after sale plus cpns
-large tub cat liter @ $6.49 (pets)

Dollar Tree: $1.06
Shoprite: $86.80
Natural food store: $15.57

Grocery total: $140.33
Pets: $17.50 with tax


Sharon Cross said...

CT...So, I ran across this blog of yours!...I had tried subscribing to your blog..."Practical Parsimony" and was unable to! Anyway...I'm glad I ran across this blog of yours!...Are you continuing with your Practical Parsimony blog?...I notice, it has not been updated...

CTMOM said...

Sharon, You should be able to subscribe to my blog. In the upper right of the blog, there is a subscribe via email tab. Also, I am not "practical parsimony"-that is Linda from the Southern part of the US's blog.

HTH! : )

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I started watching my diet this morning--measured the cereal into the bowl, as I have been over indulging on everything. Dr. appt was moved up by a week, so I best get it taken care of now. Up about 8# in last 3 months--that's way too fast!!

Sharon Cross said...

Oh, good lord, CT!!!!! I thought you were also the person, who wrote Practical Parsimony!...I'm getting senile?!...Both of your Home pages have the same pink/darker pink stripes...I guess this is why I thought you were one and the same!...Anyway...I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog!...I have subscribed to it!...Forgive me, for mixing you up with Practical Parsimony!!!