Saturday, January 21, 2017

Energy conservation and freebies

I received numerous announcements from the local electric company about a lightbulb exchange to take place today, literally minutes from my home. Bring in any 5 incandescent bulbs, any size, any condition and they will exchange them for a standard lamp LED up to 5. Great.

I headed over there this morning, seems the graying set (gotta include myself in the over 50 club) were the prime customers when they opened. Ran very efficiently, there was an opportunity to get info/sign up for an energy audit $124, see the different types of LED's illuminated, buy LED bulbs for funky lighting fixtures etc.

I brought in 5 traditional bulbs, all ones that I bought/used for my first post divorce rental and all strange bulbs compared to a normal lamp shade bulb. They were clutter that I would have offered up on Freecycle as I don't see my using them anytime soon.

I walked away with 5 LED's for lamps (60 watt equivalant), a 100% made from post consumer plastics large tote bag (smaller, woven plastic ones were also available but I know from experience that those don't last while the large totes, besides lasting longer, are great for cold groceries, meats and wash nicely. I already got the exact bag this summer, when the city farmer's market opened, the utility company was there offering info and a variety of promos).  Interestingly, the bulbs were from or made for Walmart.

A quick Internet search told me how much these retail for @ WM: a 4 count bulk package of these exact bulbs is on "rollback" and sells for $7.94 or $1.98 each. If bought separately, they sell for $2,74 each. So assuming a bulk purchase price, I received $9.90 worth of product, not including tax for free. Pretty nice. They are supposed to last 18 years.

Gave me a chance to see the inside of the relatively recently, totally renovated, city techical high school, have a chat with a Russian man whose son is a teacher there.

That's today's freebie.


Ms. Sandie said...

Great freebie!

meme said...

That is awesome on the light bulbs!

Anne in the kitchen said...

That is a great community service and also great for you personally!