Monday, January 2, 2017

Downsizing and talking trash

 A common sight here, a stuffed recycling bin. When we moved in here,we were advised that recycling and trash, bagged separately, are picked up on Tues and Fri. A real luxury as I had toted our trash and recylcling over to the transfer station for years in my former town. On the waste front, we continue to produce far more recycling vs trash, which is a great thing. The bulk of the actual trash seems to be bagged food waste/scraps. I am not able to compost, the LL refused to replace the broken garbage disposal. The recycling and waste baskets were all emptied and consolidated today, in preparation for the upcoming trash/recycling pick up. We used the last, clear "recycling" plastic bag in the process. I had bought a box of them (Shoprite carries Hefty brand 45 count=$8.03 after tax so 17 cents/bag)and blanched at the price. Moving forward, I have a different plan.

I will be using the white, handle tie bags that I buy at Dollar Tree (10 cents each even after tax so I'll save 7 cents/bag so assuming 2 45 count boxes are used, $6.30/year).  I am confident that these were cheaper than the official "recycling" bags I had bought and I have seen other condo residents using them.
 Here's the 1/2 bag of actual trash from around the house, including a plastic grocery store bag of the turkey bones from yesterday. If I didn't have that carcass remains, I would have waited until the bag filled. I need to get it out before it becomes odorous and/or attracks bugs, even though the large, wheeled trash/recyclig bin is stored in the garage.
 Since I am moving the white 13 gallon trash bags to be recycling bags, and since we produce such little trash, we are now going to use this shorter, waste basket for kitchen trash. The taller basket is now in the garage to corral beer/soda bottles for future redemption. I will repurpose plastic mailers, cat food bags and store plastic bags as vessels for the trash.
 A quick mending job that prevents me from purchasing paper towels, which has been since I divorced 4 years ago. While I normally do not repair rags, this particular towel rag had an actual slit or cut in the terry. I machine darned it shut, using more of that ugly, never ending chartreuse thread.
As I move to more and more use of homemade cleaning solutions, I have been saving Mandarin, Clementine and orange peels to make a citrus infused vinegar. The jar was finally full of peels so I have decanted some white vinegar into the jar. Now I have to wait for it to process for 2 weeks.


meme said...

I think there is going to be a party when you finally use the last of that thread !! LOL

CTMOM said...

Meme-you are so right! This seems to be a never ending spool!