Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Crock Pot Wednesday

 Menus were shifted around these past few days, leaving me no leftovers for tonight, as I had planned. It's a night that finds DS #2 eating/visiting with Dad, sometimes DD joins them. I am making a sausage based, spaghetti sauce in the Crock Pot, with planned overs to possibly serve as lunch the next few days.
 I defrosted 2 1/2 links of sausage: 2 of sweet and 1/2 of a hot Italian link sauasage bought on marked down, divided and frozen. This provides lots of flavor, plenty of meat as "crumbles."
 1/2 a lb each of rice spaghetti for DD and regular for me
Beautiful Swiss chard will be sauteed with butter and a salt free, garlic and herb seasoning.

Finally, a tossed salad wil round out the meal.

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Anne in the kitchen said...

That sounds like the perfect winter meal! I am going to copy it next week!