Tuesday, January 17, 2017

And I am in!

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Back in December, I attended a 2 hour Volunteer Orientation. Shortly afterwards, I had an hour long interview with the director of Volunteer Services at the local hospital. I filled out what paperwork I could, made arrangements throught my PCP to get 2 required blood tests done so that my PCP coould sign off on approving my volunteering at the hospital. I waited and finally received an online invite to fill out a computerized background check. I waited some more. I e-mailed, asking for any update on my application to volunteer. I was told that the director was out that day, but the secretary would have her call me the next day. A week went by. I finally heard from the director, who seemed to be talking me out of volunteering. I reaffirmed that I am very serious about this, and she told me that I am cleared to volunteer and she'd like to assign me to the Medical records dept, and that the director there would call me the next day.

 I waited a week and a half.  The Director of volunteer services, and not the Medical records director, phoned me late last week, advising that we're good to go, she has an ID badge but we have to wait for IT to set me up on the hospital's computer system in order to work on private health records. She warned me that it will probably be a week, 2 at the latest before that happens.

Phew! I didn't realize how complicated this would be! Interestingly, this hospitals, as well as others, often turn volunteers away as many are seeking to gain experience, as I am, in a hospital setting. SO, I am "on hold" until I hear back yet once more.

 I'm calling this phase 2 in my pursuit of a new career.

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