Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A rental perk: no cost home repairs

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Between Christmas and New Year's, we ran out of hot water 4 times. The last time, was the last straw. We had eliminated any issues on our end such as using all water appliances at the same time, etc. Shorter showers were enforced, water collected in basins, etc-all of my water conservation hacks in place.

Fortunately, the LL has been very responsive to any issues. I e-mailed New Year's day evening, got an immediate response, was asked for some info re: the water heater model, and was asked about my availability for the repair the next day.

LL replaced both heating elements, one was badly corroded, causing the second one to work overtime. Meanwhile, I suspect this is the causation for my recent spike in electric bills. Now I await a month to hopefully see a significant drop in that department.


Belinda said...

Oh wow, hopefully your electric bill will go down for next month. Glad LL was able to come over quickly and fix the problem.

Lili said...

We had to replace our gas water heater at the end of November. I'm waiting to see if we have lower gas bills, as a result. I hope your electric bill does, indeed, go down. At the very least, you'll have a good supply of hot water again. Chilly showers are no fun on a cold, winter day.