Friday, December 16, 2016

What's been cooking? and baking?

 Tuesday was my designated fish meal this week: I made  pan sauteed Whiting fillets in a lemon-wine-herb-butter sauce; jasmine rice and green beans completed the meal

Wed was leftover, dinner for one night, I had l/o stroganoff and beans.

 Thursday was pasta night: Aldi's fzn crab and shrimp filled ravioli in an herbed bechamel sauce that I made. French green beans on the side.
 In the use it up,  avoid food waste department: l/o sweet potatoes and l/o Butternut squash were transformed into sweet potato-squash-chocolate chip-pecan muffins
and lurking cranberry-orange relish was made into cranberry-orange muffins using more of the mandarin-tangerine juice that I squeezed out of soon to expire citrus fruit, the remaining juice having now been added to the OJ juice bottle.


NAN said...

Was that Aldi's shrimp ravioli tasty? I saw it but was afraid it wouldn't be good. Would you buy it again? I pretty much cook everything from scratch but I have never made ravioli except with wonton wrappers. Someday...

CTMOM said...

Nan, yes, the shrimp-crab ravioli are from Aldi's; and I would buy the again.

Hawaii Planner said...

You are always inspiring with your leftover usage, and ensuring nothing gets tossed! I did use the remainder of some homemade spaghetti sauce (we had spaghetti & meatballs in a fresh tomato sauce earlier in the week) as a sandwich spread (in place of mayo - which no one hear will eat). It was great, & I added some shaved parmesan & leftover chicken on the sandwich press. Yum!