Thursday, December 29, 2016

Using up Christmas leftovers

 We're actively eating down the Christmas leftovers. 12/26's supper was sliced ham, planned over mashed potatoes and planned over corn. That same morning found us breakfasting on fried ham slices and over easy eggs. Tuesday the ham reappeared along with the rest of the smoked Gruyere in a quiche also containing scallions and Swiss chard. Yum! Dd took some leftover quiche for a lunch the next day. Marked down baby Yukon golds were oven roasted, to accompany.
Wed night was again warmed up ham slices, this time with planned over, roasted potatoes, herb seasoned frozen green beans.

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meme said...

I thought we would have used the rest of our leftover ham by Tuesday at lunch. We still had enough left for another meal - so we made eggs/cheese/ham/green pepper omelets. Now that the ham is gone - this weekend will find us roasting a turkey and making meals out of that for next week.