Monday, December 12, 2016

Use it up!

Avoiding waste in the home:

 A bit long in the tooth citrus fruit was juiced for this upcoming week, although I suspect muffins will be made out of at least some of it.
 Making soup of of next to nothing, and using ingredients up in the process to avoid waste: a cup of Jasmine rice, some l/o take our white rice, 1/2 of a remaining open onion, a baggie with leftover chicken picked off of the bones, a quart of homemade chicken stock made from aforementioned chicken bones and the pan drippings, some celery and carrot.
 Parsley, salt, pepper, French tarragon added, along with some leftover peas/carrots.
The finished soup, next to a pate chinois made with ground beef fried off with another 1/2 of an open onion (found 2 halves in the veggie drawer!) and the l/o piece of steak that DS #2 brought home this week from dinner with Dad (ground that up in the food processor); l/o mashed potatoes from Sat combined with the rest of a small pouch of instant spuds and mixed together with the remains of an open can of evaporated milk along with some pepper and onion powder; the l/o kernal corn from Sat along with a can of creamed corn on top.

Not just focused on food, it was also time to make up another "soap cake" for the powder room this time. I use expensive soap (mostly Lush) so every bit is used.

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