Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday planned overs: Turkey Sheppard's pie

Honestly not much to look at, and looks unappetizing at the moment, but here is the kitchen experiment on deck for tonight: previously cooked, and ground up in the food processor, Thanksgiving turkey was frozen earlier and now is the base for a Sheppard's pie. 2 small tubs of homemade turkey gravy (frozen assets) were used along with some turkey gravy made with Better than Bouillion-salty stuff!. I made a mire poix (celery, 1/2 an onion-DD is adding small bits of onion back, and carrots). I also added 1/2 bag each of fzn peas, green beans-all OK with DD's restrictions.

 I paid something like 19 cents for the above pouch of instant potatoes. I mixed up 2/3 of the package to create an 8 serving batch of mashed potatoes to top the casserole. I also added onion powder and black pepper, as I normally do.

Now topped with the mashed spuds and dusted with a sprinkle of Paprika for color. I will serve this tonight with a green salad. Planned over leftovers for  Sat.  We are in use it up mode here, now that it's December.

A supper plate


Meg B. said...

I think it looks delicious. I don't grind my turkey when I make my cottage pie. (I was laughed at one too many times in the U.k. to call it shepherd's pie unless I use lamb.) Also, I have been known to use leftover stuffing instead of mashed potatoes to top it.
My project today: Muffins with the leftover cranberry sauce. I used to make them to take in the car for early morning Black Friday scouting. I called them "Morning After Muffins." I say scouting, because we never really shopped, we just marveled at the crowds.

CTMOM said...

Meg, I've used cooked, and later ground up in the food processor, roast beef as a ground beef/minced beef substitutein cottage/Sheppard's pie in the past with good results. This is my first go at doing the same with leftover, cooked turkey. It should come out OK. The grinding of the cooked meat makes it more as if I had used raw, ground meat and fried it off as I made the casserole.

I also rework cranberry sauce (if there's ever any left!) or that lurking bit of cranberry-orange relish into muffins/quick breads-delicious!

Lee Ann said...

We had shepherd's pie last night. Yummy

JoAnn said...

I made something similar this year. Mixed the leftover chopped turkey, gravy and green bean casserole together. Added a can of corn, then topped with leftover potatoes. It was a hit and finished off all the Thanksgiving leftovers.

Belinda said...

Grinding up meat in the food processor is something we do here too. Ham especially comes to mind either for Ham Salad or pinwheels I make using ground ham, cream cheese, black olives, and tortillas. Grinding up meat is a great way to stretch meat to save money.