Friday, December 16, 2016

This week's grocery trip

 Grocery shopping didn't take place until Monday this week (normally I do it on Sunday's), and it included 3 stores: Shoprite, Aldi's and Dollar Tree. Dairy/freezer: milk, 4 dozn eggs, wedge of Parmesan, 6 slices Deli Havarti with dill, 1/2 lb each: low salt turkey breast, buffalo turkey breast, P & P; lactose free milk, organic yogurt, herbed soft cheese for Xmas, 2 each: fzn tater tots sweet potato fries
 Meats/dairy: 2 pkgs assorted antipasto meats for Xmas, tub of ham, 1/2 & 1/2, whipping cream, bologna, salami, Brie (Xmas), 4 pkgs marked down pork sausage (not pictured: 2 pot roasts already in freezer)
 Pantry: 6 cans eash: albacore and ck lite tuna, crackers, brown sugar, potato chips, 3 small bags candy, 2 cans peaches, a large jar of Xmas hard candies, 2 cans mushrooms
 Produce: tub of kiwi, 6 lbs Navel oranges, brussels sprouts, bananas
Rolls: hamburgers, seeded hamburger, Kaiser rolls

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