Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday soup pot

Today's soup pot is truely making soup out of next to nothing:

-the remaining 1/2 of an open onion
-3 older scallions
-2 remaining stalks of celery
-a small bowl of growing wrinkly grape tomatoes
-about a Tbsp of chopped tomatoes l/o from DD's taco night
-4 outer leaves of a head of Savoy cabbage
-2 cups of homemade, turkey stock
-3 carrots
-1 cup of l/o chic peas
-an ancient, lurking package of chicken ramen
-Parsley, basil, French tarragon, black pepper

Came out really good! This is Saturday supper along with some Saltines.


Debbie said...

That looks good and I love how you are using up what you have before it goes bad. :)

NAN said...

YUM! I'm making something similar now with leftover stock, diced chicken, onion and celery plus I fast cooked a package of Great Northern dried beans. I found a recipe and if I want, I'll add some salsa. I haven't decided yet! Sometimes I like to do without the tomato taste.

Belinda said...

Looks great. I love that you made it out of next to nothing. :)

thyme2save said...

Next to nothing can be a tasty meal.

mikemax said...

At this moment I am finishing off a huge vat of turkey vegetable soup--about 2-1/2 gallons (enough to feed the Union Gospel Mission). I have never made this much soup at one time before. We're having it for dinner (of course) and some will go in the freezer, but 3 quarts are going in a special place in the freezer where I am storing homemade meals for my family during my upcoming surgery and recovery. In the past week, I've made 3 packages of homemade mac and cheese, two packages of turkey and mashed potatoes (with a packet of turkey gravy mix in each), and this soup. I am trying to do this by cooking double or triple every night and freezing the leftovers. It may get monotonous, but they won't starve.