Monday, December 12, 2016

Phase 2: getting my foot in the door


Now that my classes are winding up, I am applying to volunteer at the local hospital. This accomplishes several goals for me: an opportunity to give back, integrating more fully into my new community, and getting my foot in the door as I will am seeking employment at this hospital.

I first had to attend an orientation presentation, which I did this past week. While there, I was offered this freebie:


Next, I attended a one on one interview with the director of the volunteer department.

I have submitted my paperwork and await my PCP's filling out of my medical clearance. Only hic up is my inability (paper wise) to document my MMR vacination from childhhood, but I did learn that there is a blood titer test that can rule out this concern. I checked with my insurance, if it is coded as preventative (aka test her and vacinate as needed), then they will cover it. I was told that it costs about $70 otherwise.

Meanwhile, I have tweaked my resume, and continue to apply for positions at the hospital.

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Lili said...

I think this is an excellent strategy towards future employment. It seems to be a rare thing to find a volunteer who approaches volunteer work, as if it were paid, and show up on time, act responsibly, etc. So, this would likely lead to a good recommendation from within the hospital. And most places that I've volunteered are very appreciative of whatever I do for them. I wish you well in this!