Monday, December 19, 2016

Organizing and trying to use it up

When I last moved, I brought a slew of  colored sugar and sprinkles along with me. Having spent the past few days baking holiday cookies, I once again was reminded of the excessive largess on hand.

 I used several jars/containers up in my recent baking efforts and decided to consolidat the rest, whereever possible. Pictured above is my recycling bin with multiple, plastic sprinkles tubs awaiting the next trash/recycling pick up.
 Another factor is that I am trying to move my food storage over to glass (even if plastic tops are used). Here you can see what remains: red, orange, purple, pink, green colored sugars, multi colored nonpareils (my staple sprinkle that I added some plain white nonpareils along with some Valentine's day colored ones and shook them all up together), Valentine's Day hearts, dolphins, Halloween black and orange.
I also still have some unopened jars of sprinkles/colored sugar in the cabinet, in addition to the full ones pictured. All of my newly consolidated sugars and sprinkles are returned to the baking cabinet. I have a much better idea of what I have, what I need to use up. The plan is to drastically reduce what I have and perhaps limit it to just nonpareils, which are my preference.

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