Thursday, December 29, 2016

Much better!

The past few days, I have been trying to work on the project of cleaning the gas range here:  rental range  I asked for some advice after trying several different methods on my own, to attack various issues.

 This first photo is a before picture of the door gasket. A pdf on line from GE for a close model to the one here stated to only use mild soap and water on the gasket, no brushes or harsh chemicals.
 Hot water and my mixture of Dr Bronner's castille soap made a nice difference. I sense that I need to wipe this down every day for a while to get even more up off of the left hand side. Based upon the disgusting buildup on the leftside interior of the oven, I suspect frequent steak broiling. It has been a very long time since this oven was properly cleaned.
 I used baking soda paste again on the interior, ultimately caving and after covering the bottom vents with both a dish towel folded in fours and a jelly roll pan on top to get any drips, I used the rest of my Easy Off oven cleaner and subsequently, the oven cleaner from Dollar Tree, which worked well, BTW.
 There still is some sticky mess on the back left bottom as well as the back left wall (you can see the stuck on drips @@) and the bottom of the oven is eroded for lack of a better word, like someone continued to use the oven with some burnt on sugar. I managed to get the bottom and right side pretty clean.
 The racks were removed, placed in a large plastic tub which I placed in the basement level shower and again turned to the DT oven cleaner. I let it sit for 15 minutes before hosing it off. I then brought the racks up to the kitchen and used a Brillo pad (DT again) to scrub them clean. For the most part, they are pretty pristine.
Here's the oven, all put back together. I wouldn't be embarassed to turn the condo over, with the oven in this condition. I rarely use it, preferring my mini convection oven for energy savings.

Next up: the black, cast iron stove top grates. They are in another plastic tub with a lid (the bag I used leaked slowly) with some amonia (supposedly it's the amonia fumes which clear off the gunk). This tub is in the garage, right next to the overhead door where some air always comes in. I am letting them set overnight. Will check in the morning, opening the tub outside, to release the fumes. Not much else I can try, I've given it my best and yes, the stove looks much better and I know that it's much cleaner.

I am shaking my head at how former tenants must have cooked and disregard cleaning. Here is my stove top, right after I pan fried (deep fat) several lbs of beer battered fish. A few spatters but really nothing horrible. I have since wiped the range top down, with the aforementioned Castille soap spray.


meme said...

That was a huge job! It must feel good to have the stove clean. I am imagining, since it was a rental, that the previous tenant was not concerned how the oven/stove looked - it was not their "own".

Ms. Sandie said...

Great job! Do you mix the Castile soap spray formula yourself?

CTMOM said...

Meme, I concur. Last tenant situation was a couple, who broke up, she left, leaving the man here alone. I stongly suspected that he broiled a steak every night, on the left side of the oven, but never bothered to clean the oven or the stove top very well. LL apparently never bothered to look either. The microwave fan over the range was so clogged with grease (cleaned back in June). Ick. Now I know it's as clean as I can get it, I feel much better using this oven, upon occasion, not to mention should we move come the end of May, this big job is out of the way. I tend to keep up on cleaning, not letting situations like that happen.

CTMOM said...

Sandie-yes, 1/4 cup of Castille soap with a qt of water. Easy-peasy and works well as an all purpose cleaner. The Dr Bronner's is a hefty cost initially, but when you factor in that you use so little to reconstitute it, it is actually a real bargain!

meme said...

The story your landlord told you about the man being there alone makes perfect sense as to the greasy mess left behind in the kitchen. I can imagine he wiped the counters, floors - and did not pay much attention to the appliances, cabinets, etc.